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Choosing a Bookkeeper is About More Than Just Price | Bookkeepers Blog

Choosing a Bookkeeper is About More Than Just Price

Choosing a Bookkeeper is About More Than Just Price

The role of a bookkeeper has changed significantly over the years.

Once upon a time a bookkeeper would literally ‘keep the books’, writing down income and expense entries in old-fashioned ledger books and balancing the figures at the end of each month, quarter and year.

These days, with many businesses utilising cloud computing and integrated software systems, bookkeeping has become far more complex and an integral part of maintaining business records and ensuring compliance.

Gone are the days when you could assign the bookkeeping to the junior member of your team. Today’s bookkeepers are highly qualified professionals and are required to undertake formal qualifications. They must be licensed, invest in regular professional development, and maintain membership of an industry body such as CPA Australia, The Institute of Public Accountants or The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. If they are preparing your BAS Statements, they must also be a Registered BAS Agent.

Ideally, your bookkeeper will have certifications in the accounting software you use for your business.

Here at Tashly Consulting, for example, we are a Xero Gold Partner, Xero Advisor Certified, Xero Payroll Certified, Xero Migration Certified, a Receipt Bank Gold Partner and a Practice Ignition Certified Partner.

This means we have completed extensive training in these software packages so not only are you guaranteed exceptional service, but we are also able to train you and your staff to use these systems more effectively.

It is just as important for your bookkeeper to have a solid understanding of your business and your industry, and the intricacies of your systems, processes, and transactions.

While a virtual assistant or administrative employee may be perfectly capable of issuing invoices and paying bills, a bookkeeper also ensures that taxes are accounted for correctly, employees are paid properly, ATO lodgement deadlines are met, and records are held securely in compliance with data protection regulations.

Of course, budget is a consideration when outsourcing any business-related tasks. But when it comes to bookkeeping, cheaper options often end up more expensive in the long term when errors are made and there is a huge mess to clean up, or ATO penalties to pay!

You may also be considering outsourcing your bookkeeping to an overseas provider, based on price. Please click here to read about why having your bookkeeping managed in Australia is the best option.

A professional, locally based contract bookkeeper will charge you a reasonable agreed rate based on your business requirements and the workload involved. Their expertise and efficiency will save you time and money, and a lot of unnecessary stress.

Please click here to read about ten specific things to look for in a contract Bookkeeper, to help you understand exactly what factors other than price you should consider.

If you would like more information about the costs involved in outsourcing your bookkeeping, please call or email Tashly Consulting to arrange an obligation-free discussion. We would be more than happy to provide a tailored quote for a fixed price package based on your specific business requirements, enabling you to make an informed and educated choice.

Tashly Consulting Xero Bookkeepers Adelaide are Registered BAS Agents #86318001 and we are dedicated to providing seamless, high-quality, transparent bookkeeping services – If you would like any further information please contact us via telephone (08) 8121 4424 or via email.

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