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Cloud Best Practice Certified

Cloud Best Practice Certified

Tashly Consulting – Cloud Best Practice Certified!

We have recently completed Practice Protect Cloud Best Practice (CBP) certification and have received industry endorsement that certifies that the technology, training and policies we have in place, ensuring our firm – Tashly Consulting is a cyber-savvy data custodian and that we are serious about protecting our client’s privacy and data.

As a Cloud Best Practice Certified Firm, we have access to legal, technical and educational coverage to prevent a breach and ensure we have a specialist team of cyber experts behind us in the unlikely event that there is a cyber breach.

In addition, Practice Protect has assisted us in implement the following Policies and Proceedures.

  • Certified Legal Privacy Policy documents
  • Data breach response plan (as per new Mandatory Breach Legislation)
  • Access to a data breach response hotline
  • Cloud Best Practice staff training program
Cloud Best Practice Certification | Tashly Consulting Xero Bookkeepers Adelaide

If you would like further information Practice Protect or CBP, please click on the links below:

Our partnership with Practice Project is an example of how Tashly Consulting uses new technology to help ensure our client’s privacy and data security is of utmost importance. If you would like further information about a Practice Protect please contact us via telephone 0413 631 909 or via email.

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