tashly consulting Xero workshop

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tashly consulting Xero workshop – Introduction to cloud accounting using Xero Accounting Software
Wednesday, 23/09/2015 AT 6:30 PM

Our first tashly consulting Xero workshop presented at Sass Place Parkside was amazing – see the amazing feedback from participants who attended.

Great workshop, thanks Tash! Informative, easy to understand and I really appreciated your help in answering all of our questions. Highly recommend this workshop to anyone in business who wants to find an easy (and fun) way to keep their accountant happy! My accountant will think I’ve gone from ‘Xero to Hero’ – Rebecca W.

Thank you Tash for the informative workshop. I think it’s a great idea for start up businesses to attend your Xero workshop. I got a lot out of the session 😀😀 thanks again. I’m already getting excited about balancing those figures!! (Never did I think I would be feeling like that about my book keeping!!) – Lisa M.

Great workshop tonight Tash. Getting excited about doing the books and that’s saying something! – Bel R.

A big thank you to all participants who joined us and an extra thank you to Carly Thompson-Barry from Sass Place for providing the fantastic venue for this event.

Our next workshop is scheduled for October, early November (date to be confirmed)