Why Having Your Bookkeeping Managed in Australia is the Best Option!

Why Having Your Bookkeeping Managed in Australia is the Best Option!

At Tashly Consulting we are sometimes asked why we choose to perform our bookkeeping services in-house, rather than outsourcing them to cheaper overseas operators.

As proud South Australians, we love working with our local business clients and it gives us great satisfaction to employ staff and pay wages here in Australia. By using local service providers and staff, our business expenditure and profits stay in Australia and support our national economy.

We often work with clients who have previously outsourced their bookkeeping to overseas providers. Sadly, we usually discover their books have not been kept up to scratch which can become an absolute nightmare for the business owner. Luckily for these clients, we offer a Bookkeeping Rescue package where we can catch up on any backlog and bring order to apparent chaos!

In some cases, clients have outsourced their bookkeeping to Australian firms only to discover later that these firms are outsourcing the work to overseas providers without the client’s knowledge. The Tax Practitioners Board requires Australian firms to disclose if they are offshoring, but this does not always happen.

In fact, there are many aspects of bookkeeping which must be completed by a registered and licensed tax or BAS agent. The Tax Practitioners Board offers a handy search tool on its website, so you can check that your tax or BAS agent is registered and licensed to provide tax or BAS services.

Of course, we understand that budget constraints can make overseas services seem very appealing. But price is not the only factor to consider when choosing a bookkeeping service.

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In our experience, in addition to not being registered BAS agents, overseas providers often have a poor understanding of Australian tax law and regulatory requirements, leading to accidental non-compliance (a risky scenario for any business owner).

Communication barriers due to time differences are common, while even simple instructions and requests can be “lost in translation”. Ultimately, what appears to be the cheapest option may end up costing more when you must pay to have the problems fixed. Not to mention how much stress a bookkeeping mess can cause

At Tashly Consulting we guarantee that your bookkeeping will be done by our in-house, local team. As a valued client, you benefit from complete transparency and our focus on quality control.

With over a decade of experience in servicing local business, Tashly Consulting can help with any aspect of your bookkeeping needs including setup and Xero training, ongoing support & consulting, process management and BAS lodgement.

Click here to read our latest Google reviews from satisfied Tashly Consulting clients, then call or email us to discuss your bookkeeping needs. We offer services tailored to your specific requirements with fixed priced packages so you can focus on what you do best and leave your bookkeeping to the experts.

We are Registered BAS Agents, Xero Gold Partner, Receipt Bank Gold Partner, Public Practice Certificate holder with CPA Australia, Institute of Public Accountants and Member of Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, we are a Practice Protect Cloud Best Practice Certified Firm, and a Practice Ignition Certified Partner.

Tashly Consulting Xero Bookkeepers Adelaide are Registered BAS Agents #86318001 and we are dedicated to providing seamless, high-quality, transparent bookkeeping services – If you would like any further information please contact us via telephone (08) 8121 4424 or via email.

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Disclaimer: All or any advice contained in this blog/newsletter is of a general nature only & may not apply to your individual business circumstances. For specific advice relating to your specific situation, please contact your accountant or other professional adviser for further discussion.

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