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Employee Entitlements HR by Xero Bookkeepers Adelaide

Employee Entitlements

Employee Entitlements

The end of financial year is also an important time to ensure you are compliant with your Employee Entitlements and HR requirements. Has there been a change in pay rates or Award rates that you need to comply with? Are you meeting your minimum requirements with your employee entitlements?

At Tashly Consulting, part of our engagement could include processing wages payments based on information provided by clients. Specifically, we do not assist clients in determining correct Awards, employee classifications, pay rates or employee entitlement for your staff as this is outside the scope of our services as bookkeepers.

However, we do have a fantastic HR team that we work with and can refer you to, who can assist you with gap analysis, policies & procedures, compliance, document preparation, employee entitlements and more to ensure you are compliant with all aspects of HR should you require further assistance in this aspect of your business.

At Bradtke Consulting we have the knowledge and experience to assist all types of organisations, including not for profit, community services and businesses. We can look after the detail that compliance with new legislation and regulations requires, while you concentrate on what you do best.

Bradtke Consulting offers you an affordable service that can quickly deliver easy to implement tailored templates and documents. We have the expertise and are up to date on the latest regulations but most importantly we understand how to build these requirements into your existing practices to make it easier for you and your staff.

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Please contact us if you are interested to know more or alternatively please contact Bette & Cassie from Bradtke consulting.

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