Receipt Bank Silver Partner

Receipt Bank Silver Partner

Tashly Consulting has now reached Receipt Bank Silver Partner!

Receipt Bank the #1 pre-accounting tool for accountants and bookkeepers. No more data entry. No more paper. Just more time doing what you love. Spend less time on manual tasks and more time adding value for your clients.

Discover the benefits, Working smarter, Growing faster and Going further with Receipt Bank.

  • Unlock more time
    Easy automation for collecting, processing and publishing receipts and invoices
  • Do more, better
    Use your time to take on more clients, offer new services and stay competitive
  • Add more value
    Provide the best experience, working with clients in real-time as their trusted advisor

Receipt Bank – Instant receipt scanning with our mobile app
Stay up to date with one tap. They just snap the receipt, and Receipt Bank extracts the data. All you need to do is review and publish to your software – Discover more…

Our partnership with Receipt Bank is an example of how Tashly Consulting uses new technology to help our clients grow their businesses! If you would like a further information about a Receipt Bank account please contact us via telephone 0413 631 909 or via email.

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