Tashly 15th Birthday and Eastside BEC Christmas

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Last night saw the celebration of Tashly Consulting’s 15th year in business providing bookkeeping and software support to small businesses at the Eastside Business Enterprise Centre’s Christmas Networking event held at The Republic Hotel in Norwood.

Business founder and owner, Natasha Sampson-Ly gave an informative 10 minute speech of the development of Tashly Consulting from its inception in 2000 and of the journey it has taken over the past decade and a half from traditional desktop bookkeeping to modern day online solutions. She stressed importance of building a great network around your business through avenues such as attending networking events hosted by organisations such as the Eastside Business Enterprise Centre, of building a great team inside your business and persistence to continue on through times of adversity or be adaptable in times of change.

Due to technological advancements, there has been a disruption in the bookkeeping industry and Natasha gave examples of how modern accounting systems can provide integration, automation and efficiencies in the processing of data through adoption of applications such as Xero and Receipt Bank, resulting in streamlined solutions to minimize the stress and burden of the bookkeeping function on small businesses.

Also a big thank you to Eastside Business Enterprise Centre for organising and hosting the Tashly 15th Birthday and Eastside BEC Christmas event and to all the members who attended – it was a fantastic night!